- avatar  By Songmonk magazine - 4 years ago

Only in her early 20's and already so much emotion in her voice - Yasmin's voice is absolutely extraordinary and caresses your soul right from the first note. Sounds pathetic, I know. But it's true!

This young lady has soul in her blood! She already proved that in 2016 with 'The Voice of Germany' and since then the sensitivity in her vocal performance has reached a new level, not least because of her studies in jazz and pop singing!In her new song 'Tust mir gut' she tells us a story about love. A beautiful, emotional declaration of love! To whom she wrote that beautiful piece, I do not know. But the person can definitely consider himself lucky.

We are very happy to welcome the very talented Yasmin in the Songmonk Family! Make sure to check out her new single 'Tust mir gut':