- avatar  By Songmonk magazine - 4 years ago

Fuju, the DJ & Producer behind the Shiba Inu mask, shows his personality in his songs. We don't have more info about the music creator, except that he's based in Berlin and is an obvious dog lover. But when we listen to his songs we can say one thing with a fair amount of certainty: Fuju loves to make us relax, chill and enjoy life!

At home in Dance Music his sound changes between EDM-vibrant beats and relaxed chillhouse sounds! Sometimes more energetic, sometimes emphatically calm - but always with a positive spirit! 

During the last two years he has managed to build up a steadily growing fanbase with this sound and a continuous output on a high quality level. And we are here for it! If you like to relax whilst listening to great toplines and chilling beats, then we definitely recommend Fuju! 

And as long as masked music creator continues to provide us with good EDM and chillhouse tracks, we are happy - so happy, that we don't even care who is behind the mask!

Check out Fuju's latest number "How deep is your love?" and many other tracks from him on our Songmonk lists and enjoy:

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