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A touching voice combined with honest, emotional lyrics. That is Malina Stark. In her soulful piano-ballad 'Heaven', the Berlin-based Singer-songwriter impresses with her extraordinary vocal timbre and tells us - fragile and at the same time unbelievably intense - about the feeling of true love.

Already at the age of 5 Malina started playing the piano and singing in the children's choir. And pretty soon the desire to make her own music arose. She presented the first songwriting results to her parents and classmates. 
The wish to perform and express herself musically in front of others led her to several smaller and larger stages and then, in 2017, to the battles of 'The Voice of Germany'. 

Even more committed to developing and realizing her own musical vision, Malina has been working intensively on her own songs over the past few years. On songs in which the 25-year-old opens up her heart and invites us to look right in. For the song 'Heaven', this earned her a win at the German Songwriting Awards in the singer-songwriter category at the end of 2020.

With 'Heaven' Malina sends a message in the midst of an exhausting global pandemic that does us all good: let's focus on the good feelings, on the lightness of being in love! Check out this beautiful ballad here:

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