How To Get Your Music In Film & TV

 - avatar  By Songmonk magazine - 4 years ago

Have you ever written a song with a specific movie scene in your head? Or have you ever thought “Damn! This song would be perfect for the new season of Grey’s Anatomy!”? 

Getting your music into film & TV may sound intimidating at first, but there are really a lot of accessible ways to get your music into some of your favourite shows and blockbusters! 

  1. Quality

..goes before quantity! Rather send out 2 really good songs, rather than 25 unfinished ones. It will give you a better reputation in the sync world and surely better results in the long run. 

  1. Contacts

Do some research. Understand your music, the companies and especially the clients that are looking for songs. If you think you found a company that might be a good fit for your music, send them a few info’s via email with a link (!) to some of your music. 

  1. Briefings

Try to find some briefings that you can write music specifically for. You should also always listen through your catalog to see whether you have a few tracks that might cover the needs of the client already. Sometimes clients are not sure what they are missing, so try to understand the briefing and act accordingly. Check out our briefings here:

  1. Follow Up

If you sent out your music at 1PM, don’t follow up at 2PM. Be patient and give the music supervisors a chance to consider your music. If you haven’t heard back, there’s no harm in following up a week later. Trust your gut feeling, but try not to be over ambitious.

We really hope this may help you with your sync endeavour. Good luck and happy pitching!