6 Tips On How To Increase Your Chances Of A Playlist Placement!

 - avatar  By Songmonk magazine - 8 months ago

Keep Your Artist Profile Up To Date 

You can add a photo of yourself and a biography to your profile, link your social media channels and create your own playlists with covers. Make sure that your name is spelled correctly on the profile page and that the releases on the page are correct. This makes it easy for your fans to find you and listen to your music.

Metadata, Metadata, Metadata! 

Important for the “findability” of your songs is good meta data, i.e. store suitable genres. Give distributors the correct information and watch out for spelling mistakes! Because otherwise there could potentially be problems with the feed or worse, your music could be assigned to the wrong artist profile.

Pitching - The Earlier, The Better

Daily approx. 40,000 tracks are uploaded to streaming services. Therefore an early announcement and delivery of a new release is very important. Pitch at least one week before the release, or even earlier, so that Spotify & co. can have the release on their editorial-radar at the right time.

Promote Your Music Via Social Media 

Build up a fanbase, activate your followers by posting a listening link to your songs. Encourage your fans to listen to and share your latest song and add it to their personal playlists. Give them an incentive why they should do this. Tell them the background story behind the making of your album or the musical inspiration behind your song. Fans want to know more about you and your music. They can also add you as a favourite artist or pre-save your upcoming album. Then they'll either be notified when you have an upcoming release or they’ll have your album directly in their favourites as soon as it's out. This has a positive effect on the algorithm for you.

Get Placed On Newsletters From Digital Distributors

Make sure that your digital distributor includes your release in their newsletter and that they include all important information such as your artist name, title, genre, UPC and listening link.

Release Great Music 

No question, promo is important, so that the music editor gets wind of your song. But even a perfect promo campaign can’t hide an at best mediocre song. So the most important thing is that your foundation, the song, is great and has the ability to inspire the audience.