- avatar  By Songmonk magazine - 8 months ago

If you want to dream, if you want to be carried away and feel free through music, then please thank God that SLOW ESCAPE exists and that we all can enjoy his music! His second single 'Polaroids' was released last Friday and ties in with the light and dreamy vintage vibe-sound we already got to know and love from his first single 'Surface'. 
There could hardly have been a more perfect time for Tim Foschiani, the exceptional singer and songwriter of SLOW ESCAPE, to send his new project out into the world! Because as the name already promises, we can 'escape' from this Corona-madness into Tim's beautiful songs and feel the lightness of summer!
His sound oscillates somewhere between Indie-Pop and Vintage-Pop and is really unique, especially because of Tim's exceptionally touching voice. He has been making music for over 10 years now and - just like that - has produced all the songs for SLOW ESCAPE himself. Chapeau!
You really can feel and hear, that everything comes from one place: Sound, lyrics, vocal performance - everything is 100 percent Tim, who feels inspired in his music by acts like ODESZA, Dayglow, Roosevelt and The Midnight.
Check out SLOW ESCAPE'S Single 'Polaroids' and look forward to everything that will come from Tim! We can't wait! Welcome to the Songmonk family, SLOW ESCAPE!

Listen here!