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Leon Niederberger is one of the most successful young hockey players in Germany, has worn the national team jersey several times and is about to become one of the greats in his sport. But that's not what this blog post is about and that's why we will leave the info on his hockey career at that. This blog post is about his second great passion & talent: music! 

Leon started playing the piano as a small boy and music has never left him since. Inspired by pop and dance acts of his youth such as Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Marshmello or Diplo, he started to put his energy and thoughts into music and worked on finding his very own style: a modern pop sound with vintage pop vibes, subtle EDM influences, and neo-souled vocals, that will give you goosebumps! And obviously he did good, because, with his very first single 'What I'm missing' back in 2018, he went directly to number 5 on the iTunes Charts and is not stopping at that.

"Music is my most important form of expression and like I develop personally, my sound develops," says Leon. "Authenticity is key." And also in his latest single 'Love Letter', released on June 19th, you can hear & feel what he means by authenticity: the song is an open & direct expression of love with lots of summer and chill vibes.  "The past couple of months had been really tough for all of us and I feel like spreading out some good vibes. I wanted to make people feel loved & light. I think this is a vibe that we all need to feel right now", says the 24-year-old Singer & Songwriter.

The first beats & lines from 'Love Letter' had actually already been created back in 2018 and one version of the song even won the German Songwriting Awards in the category POP back then. "I loved the track right from the start but didn't feel the production 100 percent so we spent many nights in the studio trying to find the perfect vibe! I really hope people like what we came up with. I do!"

We do, too, Leon. We do, too! Check out 'Love Letter' on our Songmonk-playlists: