- avatar  By Songmonk magazine - 4 years ago

There's a lot going on in the German rap and hip hop scene at the moment. A lot of good things, no question. But also a lot of trivial things. Copies made from copies made from copies!

Today we want to present you a young man who really stands out with his lyrics and has a lot more to offer than the usual sound clichés and money & fame stories: FRIDO!

He puts his rap on fresh pop sounds and creates songs that appeal to hip-hop fans as well as a wider pop-affine audience. Frido's music gets under your skin! The young rapper from East Berlin has a lot to tell and, being in his early 20s, is equipped with a lot of life experience, which he uses in his lyrics. Not everything that Frido has experienced is beautiful. But maybe that's exactly the reason why his music is so authentic and rare!

Frido and his twin brother and professional boxer Ferdi had a rough start in eastern Berlin. Frido took refuge in parties and drugs and soon didn't feel like living the hard life anymore. Suicide attempt. After surviving, he packs his things and leaves. For years he is on the road, always searching, always restless. The trips are great, but shit happens here too. Anyway, he survives and comes back to Berlin with more love for the world, where he starts to put his experiences into songs. He starts working with experienced producers who immediately get that Frido has something to say. Currently he's working with: Romzn and RXON! His new single "Disneyfilm" is out now!

Author: Maggie