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Young EDM-producer FON makes your stress level decrease!

Good Chillout-tunes are on the rise right now and with FON, we'd love to introduce you to an upcoming producer who has declared this genre to be his supreme discipline!

FON's sound fits perfectly into these crazy Corona times, in which we are bombarded with negative news, face masks are the new must-haves and many are afraid for their health & jobs.

The young producer from Frankfurt is working hard to help us all relax and create the perfect downtempo chillout sound. And we have to admit: it's been working for us!

FON's tunes make you calm down and wraps you in a blanket of relaxing sound. The perfect backdrop for home office days & zoom dinners, but also for hanging out with friends, picnics, trips into nature... to be honest just about anything!

FON pursues his goal with an astonishing ambition. We therefore can be excited about 4 releases from him this year!

Tomorrow, May 29th, the next chillout tune will be released: THE HILLS.
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Written by: Tim