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1. When did you write the song and how would you describe your life at that time?

I wrote that song 2-3 years ago, when I started to work on my own music project called KOII. Back then I was questioning myself as well as my 7 year long relationship. I reflected on every aspect of love in my life and felt kind of dependent, we were in love like „Milk & Honey“ but on the other hand I was drowning in insecurities. As you know, everything has two sides…it needs the right balance. Love is not only paradise and harmony, but a spectrum of emotions. To be caught up in something can be liberating or shattering. Your breath can be taken by fulfilling intimacy or dependent fragility. It needs reflection and self-care to treat the fertile paradise of love gently and to recognize and nourish love and sanity. I moved into my own flat to „find“ me and my true being again. I needed some time and freedom, my own space to bloom. That period was essential and I’m so glad I left my protected shelter to focus on some other very personal topics, as I struggled with mental issues since I had a severe car crash in my teens. Writing and creating music really helped me a lot during that time. I’m a very emotional human, I go from high highs to low lows – music in general and writing helps me to cope with that.

2. What did you want to express with "MILK & HONEY"?

Showing love as a spectrum! As I said, love is so much more than just one feeling - it’s a spectrum of emotions and it can also hurt.

I’m a spiritual mind and I tried to work out love in every layer – Milk & Honey is the result of tons of honesty, moments of grief and the beauty of trust. I asked myself: What does it feel like to live in a secure symbiosis? To dive into a sweet connection? Natural togetherness that makes you feel like home? A connection - sensual, smooth and warm, like milk and honey? This song is meant to be whatever you need it to be right now - but mainly it wants to hug you and cover you with the Milk & Honey vibe and inner peace.

3. Why did you want to release the song now during these difficult times?

This song is a relic from another part of my life, but it describes so many feelings I had back which match to the present uncertain time so well. In times of distancing this tune makes me feel at home, safe and covers me with blankets of well-being - I want others to feel covered in this sweet milk & honey feeling, too. That’s why I decided to release the song now.

4. You're not only the singer, but also the songwriter behind AMELY. How did you get into songwriting? Why did you start?

I started playing violin, singing, writing and drawing when I was a kid. As I already mentioned in the beginning, I had a severe car crash in my teenage years, broke my spine and lost my short time memory. Luckily I don’t remember anything but thereby I also lost many childhood memories. Writing, creating and making stuff helped me a lot to express and. The crash used to „cut" down my lightness but doing music alway felt effortless and lifted me up. In high school I played in the orchestra, sang in the choir and had my own kind of band with a friend of mine.

After my graduation I took one year off in Australia and won a singer competition. I wrote my first songs there for my own project and other artists, too. Although I got offered a label deal I went back to Germany as I missed my family so much.

5. What did the Covid-19 pandemic do with your creativity? Were the past couple of months easy or hard for you?

2020 - the year of devastating happenings such as the global pandemic and other much needed movements I feel the urge to learn and grow. It became obvious to me, that we all have to change and need to contribute something each day to make the world a better place! Nothing is for granted.

During that time I learned a lot about myself too and ones more it became clear, that I do music to empower others, share emotions and love - as trivial as it sounds.

6. Why does AMELY sound like AMELY?

I found my style when I moved to Berlin and teamed up with different producers. As soon as I get warm with someone I show my heart and true being: Slightly chaotic and spiritual, with a tendency for playfully deep lyrics and reasoned sounds:)

7. What are your plans for the future? How do the follow up songs sound?

Milk & Honey is the kick off to a series of singles which will be released this year in collaboration with a label. It’s getting more poppy…a bit into dance music but with that special edge I would say.

8. Do you write with others or do you prefer writing alone? Are there any pro's in a co-creation?

I love to be in my own space to start with some scribbles, write down notes and phrases. But I even like it more to be creative with others…there is nothing better than writing a song together from scratch <3