- avatar  By Songmonk magazine - 4 years ago


TikTok is without a doubt one of the most popular and most talked about social media apps. The starting point and basic mechanic: users are creating short videos accompanied by a backing music clip. In the music industry the app generating strong opinions on how the platform should be paying rightsholders and how a licensing model could look like. On the other hand, Tik Tok gets more and more important for marketing teams and artists who are trying their best to spread their music into the Tik Tok community and to boost their popularity. What’s the buzz all about? 

Here are 5 reasons why you might consider Tik Tok as a platform for your next release strategy: 

  • Young, music-loving audience: TikTok has been able to take lip syncing to a whole new level, especially among the younger generation (over 500 million monthly users, over 60 % of whom are under 30 years). Given that this target group is very signicifant in the streaming market with their choice of music and that an artist’s streaming performance is vitally important for his/her income and success, Tik Tok has become a key instrument to reach out to a major, influential audience.

  • Easy creativity: With its large number of AR filters, the possibility to upload videos up to 1 minute and the use of hashtags, Tik Tok is an easy way to express creativity with tons of ways to visualize music! Video-Creation is easy, fast and fun and people can take part in the creation process very quickly.

  • Authentic involvement with you fans: By creating you own contests or by taking part in popular challenges yourself, you can get in touch with your fans and show your personality in a unique way. You have a lot of creative freedom: You can express your own creativity and you can encourage others to be creative and show off their skills. For example by providing them (fans and fans-to-be) with a special prize for lip-syncing or dancing  on your song. 

  • Quick popularity boost: Creators can become popular very quickly on Tik Tok, for example by jumping on a trend or hashtag that goes viral. People are inclined to share great content and one great Tik Tok-idea could give your popularity as an artist a real push.

- Collaboration opportunity with tastemakers: You can find influencial content creators on Tik Tok, that can help you in order to leverage the platform and to reach out to their network. Make sure that the influencer contributes positively towards your artist-profile and then go ahead and ask them for a collaboration to promote your release. Try to find a good deal for both sides.

Surely, songs in certain genres - Hip Hop and also Dance Music in particular - seem to be more likely to go viral on Tik Tok than others. And keep in mind that there has to be a real connection between your song and the creative concept for you to benefit as an artist (f.e. through increasing streaming numbers, more followers on other social media platforms). Tik Tok is certainly not the holy grail in music marketing but it’s definitely worth to dive a little deeper into the fast changing world of videos, challenges and hashtags to see what’s in there for you.