- avatar  By Songmonk magazine - 4 years ago

If you want to have a successful career in the music business as a solo-artist, band or record label, you have to grow your popularity and level up your performance on digital streaming platforms like Spotify! There’s no way around it. That's easier said than done though right? Every Friday thousands and thousands of artists fill the platforms and the inbox of your next-door playlist curator with new releases. Let's start this off with some harsh words of honesty: there is no ‚over-night-shortcut'. But we do have some important tips & tricks for you so you can increase your streaming performance:

1. Spotify For Artists 

Create an account and make sure that your Spotify profile looks good, is up-to-date and contains all the important information about your project. Use the portal to pitch your songs to Spotify curators. Don't be discouraged if you don't get a New Music Friday placement right away. Release and pitch good songs on a regular basis and they will eventually notice you. 

2. Submit Your Music To Private Playlist Curators

Even if you don't land on the big Spotify playlists right away, there are many big and important playlists from private curators that can bring you streams and trigger the algorithm. Especially for newcomers this is very important and a promising way to boost their careers. 

3. Become a Playlist Curator Yourself 

If you have your own lists, you can enter into an exchange with other artists and playlist curators and 'trade' placements! This helps you to build up your network, but also to generate attention and streams for your songs. 

4. Follow & Support Other Artists

Sharing is caring - become active and support other artists! The community factor should not be underestimated, especially with emerging artists, even if everyone is fighting for him- or herself in the end. Follow other projects, share music you like on your socials and make sure that the artists and maybe even the involved songwriters are aware of it. 

5. Share Your Streaming Links 

On your website, on social media, in your E-mails, with your friends…!

6. Don’t Give Up & Keep On Working 

Besides good quality, continuity is key! Keep on doing your work, create a network and awareness.