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If you’re reading this you’re probably a musician in lockdown picking petals off of flowers, asking yourself “to release or to not release?”. Fear not! We have some intel that hopefully will help you make a decision.

Music is a gigantic source of good vibes, inspiration & positive thinking most would say in the “normal world”. But has that changed since we entered uncharted territories with a virus on the loose? 

To cut the answer short: no. Streaming may have gone down in general due to the fact that millions of people are not listening to their favourite playlists on their way to work. BUT! We’re all looking for an escape and some good energy at home. 

A great first step would be to check if you have tunes in your archive that work well with playlists that people like listening to in times like these. “Home Office”, “Lazy” & “Chill” are a few words that you should take into account. 

If you’re not sure on what to release at the moment, take a look at your existing catalog. Anything you have a remix of or could record an acoustic version? Content is key - even if it’s recycled. 

Don’t forget to utilize the extra time you have! Well, don’t go overboard. You don’t have to work non stop 24/7 - breaks are just as important as working. But how about you go live every once in a while and engage with your fans? They will feel connected with you and you can get a look at their state of mind. That might help you make a better decision for you and especially for your fans.

We would also like to remind you, that having a platform comes with responsibility. Use your platform to spread good practices, like washing your hands thoroughly.

In case you skipped everything, here’s a brief summary for you:

  • Listeners are engaged with playlists that fit their current situation. Check if your music works with these keywords: “Home Office”, “Lazy”, “Chill”
  • If you don’t have new content, take a look at your existing catalog. Can you recycle any content (e.g. acoustic version)?
  • Go live to engage with your fans and get a grasp of their state of mind.
  • Use your platform wisely. Spread love and good practices.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, ask away in the comment section below.

Stay safe