Fink Tree – Sinner (Official Video)

Indie rock band from Poznań. Single preludes an upcoming album (title teaser at the beginning of the video).

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Realized by: Black Shadow studio
Script/ Direction: Alicja Wróblewska
Photos/ Montage/ Post-production/ Movie lighting setup: Hasenien Dousery

Edition/ Mix/ Master: Bartosz Napieralski – San Antonio Records

Recording: Bartosz Jakubowski – Grajnia Poznań

Sinner Lyrics:

Not a sinner, not a saint
You really wish you knew my name?
Oh, how deeply you are wrong
You better wished that I was gone

There’s black blood flowin’ through my veins
and I’m really fuckin’ vain
Oh yes, I’m
You should let me go once for all
‘coz sometimes I’m losing control

So, here’s the story takin’ its tall
you shouldn’t know me at all, oh no

Sometimes I wish I was gone

What do you think about this?