DJ Golomen – Lady Offbeat

The song is about an unconventional woman who does not meet social norms, but who knows how to assert herself. She makes life more colorful…
Das Lied handelt von einer unkonventionellen Frau, die nicht den gesellschaftlichen Normen entspricht, die sich aber gut durchzusetzen weiß. Sie macht das Leben bunter…

She is naughty, a little haughty
and some say she is a witch.
With raunchy jokes, she always provokes
but I think she ain’t a bitch.

She’s no beauty, no need be snooty
and she behaves pretty male.
She’s no lady. Her life is shady
but she has learned to prevail.

Lady offbeat is never alone.
She brings color to life.
Lady offbeat, she is going on.
She will always survive.

Style and fashion are not her passion.
It looks like slutty and cheap.
Shoes are leaky, her outfit freaky,
you would throw it on a heap.

She is flippy, lives like a hippy,
and she is breaking the rules.
No fear to blame, without any shame.
She likes to keep other fools.

Lady offbeat ….

She is a glass ball and surely no pearl.
She is no typical girl.
But there is a gloss, a gleam in her eyes.
A challenge for certain guys.

Lady offbeat …

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