DJ Golomen ft. Alex Tohé – Strange Farewell

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One last hug at the door,
one last peck on the cheek.
Nothing is as before.
I give up, I’m too weak.

Yes, I know it must be
to move that heavy stone.
It’s quite hard and sad for me,
but, it has to be done.

No tears, no sobs, no ringing bell.
It is a strange farewell.
The glow is gone, the light is pale.
It is a strange farewell.

One last time shaking hands.
One short moment remains.
You long for a final dance.
You know, there is no chance.

No tears, …

Silly ducks, silly drakes.
We have made some mistakes.
After all I would say,
there was no common way.

No tears …

No tears …

What do you think about this?