Ant Utama – Brave [Official Video]

I’m so excited to show you all the music video for my new single ‘Brave’!



After performing this song a few times, it was clear that the issues I was facing on my journey as a full time musician weren’t unique to me. People who were also being brave would come up to me and say how much they could feel the lyrics. One girl even cried! They would tell me their stories, successes and challenges. It was so heart-warming to have had this impact on people. From this moment, it became a song for everyone.

I teamed up with a bunch of my mates from a wide range of backgrounds who are being brave in their own way. I admire each and everyone of these awesome people for putting themselves out there to chase their dreams. Watching this video and seeing how much passion and grit they all have is truly humbling and I’m so happy you are all in my life!

Thank you for being true to yourselves! I hope together with this video, we can inspire others to follow.

Thanks also to those behind the camera, for filming and editing this piece of work. I know how hard you have worked to make this what it is!


The Brave:
– Sammie Campbell @sammie_campbell777
– Graham Candy @grahamcandymusic
– David Kaho @davidkaho
– Tim Phillis @yogatonicuk
– Geoff Ong @geoffong
– Greg Bailey @gregbailey
– Sara Imhof @saraofisla
– Holly Stanford

Studio Band:
– Julian David @juliandavid
– Helge Smeltz @helge.smallz
– Jannik Steudter @jannik.steudter
– Robert Söhngen @robthedrummerboy
– Filmed at Maarwegstudio2 @maarwegstudio2

– Alessandro De Matteis @alessandrodematteis
– Gustavo Mendoza @mendozgu

– Greg Bailey @gregbailey
– Tom Asche @tomasche

#antutama #brave

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