Amanda Ghatorra – Nocturnal Sky (Berlin Artist Live Looping WINTER) #SOS20

I am a berlin artist and this is a live looping performance of my single ‘Nocturnal Sky’, performed with my 2 loopers and my E-Piano with an integrated pattern sequencer.

Also, this song is part of the SOS (Songs of Substance) movement, you can read more about them here:

Hello again!

Did this song during quarantine with my 2 loopers and E-Piano.
The music production was also done by myself on Ableton Live
Hope that you’ll enjoy it 🙂


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My main theme for Winter (as u can read in my former posts on social media), was ‘change’, how it can be a good thing and how we don’t need to be scared of it, as in the end we might end up being surprised by what lingers inside ourselves, when we leave behind our comfort zone.

I wrote this song from a dark place of destructive thought patterns that kept on repeating themselves, rather believing the lonely lies that I made up in my head than turning to the light.
This is an example of how depressive thought patterns can work against you, how u keep on running in circles around the same old thoughts, thinking ur getting somewhere, just to end up at the beginning again and repeating everything from scratch.

How we keep on searching for more and more, instead of realizing what we already have. How we search for relief, happiness, the one cure everywhere, only not inside ourselves. The one place where we can truly generate real contentment.

And finally, it’s about breaking this cycle by embracing ourselves just as we are, and by turning to possibility instead of choosing despair in hard times.

The world is a beautiful place, if you choose to look at it with loving eyes. And things that might seem scary in our minds, might not be that frightening anymore, when we just decide to face them.

We are never alone with feelings like this, it’s okay to ask for help, and there is always, always always a way out somehow. Sometimes we just need to be pointed to the right direction that allows us to step out of our little narrow universe, to be able to see things again from a broader perspective.

I hope that u may find a bit of comfort and distraction in this song, whenever you realise that you’ve been too hard on yourself.
There are always more sides to the same story.
Choose the side, that empowers you, that let’s you cherish life and change your own reality.


Nocturnal Sky

Oh sweet control,
Fooled u were mine in my zone.
You know I tried,
I feel so tired,
Still find me trapped inside.

Now it’s too dark and quiet,
And oh my mind,
It lies so heavy,
In this cold and starless night.

And I keep dreamin’ of places,
Where there is no mind’s enslavement.
Where our heart is not laid in chains,
What we really want is not constrained.
You tell urself this is a phase,
But cant look anymore inside ur own gaze.

How come I have to keep on crossing that line,
Where I’m fine,
Things align,
And time is mine,
Just to find myself again so blind.

I feel so lost in my nocturnal sky.

We love to lose our mind,
The light in our sight,
Keep saying things are right,
We’re too in love with being blind.

What if we were enough,
And though sometimes it get’s rough,
What if we could just see,
All of these things that right now we could be?

What if I told u I know you,
These things inside u dislike.
We all keep losing and bruising ourselves,
When we believe in our lonely lies.
But dont u hear, so clear
Ur beautiful, oh just because ur here.

What if I told u it dont has to be real,
The war inside u fear,
That there’s a calming place,
In everything u really face.
In every little warm embrace.

Just look right under ur nocturnal sky.

In deepest,
Lucid dreams,
I know the black bird’s hiding something,
When it screams.
The darkest blue lights up ur eye,
I keep on waking up in your nocturnal sky.

What do you think about this?