Düsseldorf, Germany

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Champ is a 21 years old musician mainly found in New School Hip Hop. Growing up in the multicultural community of Düsseldorf he is influenced by a lot of different music styles, becomig the person that he is today. He combines melodic and deep lyrics and can create very emotional music but also does not hesistate to just release some harder stuff made perfectly for moshpitting and turning up. A modern sound which can not (just) be described through genres. After releasing his first projects as music videos back in 2018 he came back with his single "Shawty will mehr" in September 2019. After a long wait he finally is making no sign of a break, joing the WATER/GANG collective and finding the right place and encouraging people to follow his ambition with to become one successful artist. His latest two surprise releases "Mach mein Ding" and "Kalash" are just piloting this style being just a small glimpse of what we can expect to hear from him.

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