The Boy Called Hedge

THE BOY CALLED HEDGE is a singer-songwriter project of Bernhard Mueller, Cologne, Germany.
Since the beginning of the 80s he makes home-recorded electronic music. In 1982, with his brother Martin and friend Norbert he formed the electro band $CHWARZER FREITAG. They later released two songs on two rare German New Wave (NDW) record samplers (Re-Release of the track XX 4 in July 2016). Since 2018 he released 2 single albums on Bellerophon Records.
On this site you can hear samples of his synthpop, futurepop, electronica, dark house, kraut disco, cybergoth or even techhouse material.
If you want to know more about his music biography:
Listen to other tracks on
More about $chwarzer Freitag on Soundcloud or discogs – or read the book: “ALS DIE WELT NOCH UNTERGING”, written by Frank Apunkt Schneider, Ventil Verlag, Germany.
2016 review of XX 4 on
June, 5th, 2018: release of the first digital single on Bellerophon Records,

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theboycalledhedge: It's my artist page on Soundcloud - and an older blog site of Vlad Stoian (Warner Climes) about my music taste and my former music preferences.
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