Playlist performance is extremely important in this day of age. Songmonk is a partner of all the major streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc.) and our team can introduce your music directly to their playlist curators. If your song is added or not is of course up to the curators themselves.



Your song has to be uploaded at least two weeks before the planned release date to the Songmonk platform. We cannot offer our service to songs that were distributed by another platform, or to songs that have been released already.

Remember that scheduling your release on a Friday can have an advantage because most playlists are updated on that day. 

Our A&R’s will listen to your song and evaluate the chances of getting included on a playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc. If your song is deemed not suitable, we will give you your money back. If the song is pitched, money will not be refunded even if the song doesn’t make it on any playlist. This is due to the manual effort for our team with different forms and processes for each store.

Please do not pitch your song via Spotify for Artists, otherwise it is blocked for us.

About a week after your release, we will send you an evaluation of the playlists that featured your song. 

Please make sure our form is filled out correctly. Don’t forget a description of the artist/band, 2 pictures and a little info about your promotion structure.