• Get your song on popular private curated playlists and blogs and ensure organic and algorithmic growth on Spotify and other platforms.
  • We will send out your song to our big network of private playlist curators and blogs that fit to your genre. If your song is added or not is up to the curators themselves, but getting yourself out there is easy with Songmonk.
  • Your music has to be available on Spotify. Your campaign will start 14 days after we accept your promotion request.
  • We cannot offer our service to songs that were distributed by another platform, nor do we guarantee a certain number of streams. Your song will be sent to Playlists & Blogs with the number of followers in the package you booked. The curators always decide whether a song is added to their list or not.
  • Only one song can be promoted. If you’re releasing an Album or EP, you will need to choose one song that you want to promote.
  • We always try to get your song as high up on the list as possible, but we can’t guarantee a top 10 placement.
  • Please make sure our form is filled out correctly. Don’t forget a description of the artist/band, 2 pictures and a little info about your promotion structure.
  • Don’t forget: we can only accept a limited number of campaigns per month.